Advanced Studio Social Media Research Project

The Advanced Studio Class is involved in a Social Media Research Project wherein they post their weekly assignments on Instagram. Each week the class themselves chooses which photograph they feel is the strongest or most successful. Keep watching for photographs from the Advanced Studio/Commercial Photography class to see how they evolve over the course of a semester.

"This Studio class is one of the strongest I have ever had the privilege to teach. They are already far ahead of where I would normally expect them to be at this point in the semester. It's going to be a fun semester." - Jerry Rawlings, Professor

Week One Winner- Shelby Hartung

Week Two Winner- Anthoney Petrone

Week Three Winner- Shelby Hartung

Week Four Winner- Autumn Edwards

5 Minute Challenge:

Winner- Rianna Hotz

The 5 minute challenge is designed to make students think and shoot on the run. When students arrived for class they were unaware that they would have to produce a portrait of a model that day. Each student had 5 minutes to create this portrait. They could do anything that they wanted. They could shoot in the studio or outdoors on location. The class performed incredibly well and most felt the exercise was a positive experience that proved to them that they do have the abilities to create quality work under pressure situations.

Week Five Winner- Rianna Hotz

Week Six Winner- Arianne Skjeie

Week Seven Winner- Desiree Willar

Week Eight Winner- Anthoney Petrone

Week Nine Winner- Joe Geyer

Week Ten Winner- Adam Gomez