BHSU English Program Information

English Programs Offered:

The English program at BHSU offers four English majors and two minors. To learn more about the requirements for each program, click on a link below.

All English majors are required to submit a final portfolio containing a sample of the work they have done over the course of their studies. For more information, see the Requirements link on the left side of the screen.

Discover when classes are offered. Check out the course rotation below (subject to change):


Courses Offered Every Semester:
ENGL 101    Composition I
ENGL 201    Composition II
ENGL 210    Introduction to Literature
ENGL 490/590    Seminar and/or ENGL 492/592 Special Topics


Fall Courses:
ENGL 211    World Literature I
ENGL 214    Intro to American Indian Lit
ENGL 221    British Literature I
ENGL 241    American Literature I
ENGL 248    Women in Literature (offered every other year)
ENGL 256    Literature of the American West
ENGL 304    Fundamentals of English Grammar
ENGL 406    Literature for Young Adults (offered even numbered years)
ENGL 411    Bible as Literature (offered every other year)
ENGL 476    Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 483    Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL 484    Literary Criticism
LING 403     Introduction to Linguistics


Spring Courses:
ENGL 115    American Indian Oral Literature (offered odd numbered years)
ENGL 212    World Literature II
ENGL 222    British Literature II
ENGL 242    American Literature II
ENGL 256    Literature of the American West
ENGL 283    Creative Writing I
ENGL 320    Non-Western Novel (not offered every spring)
ENGL 401    Advanced Writing (in-class even years, on-line odd years)
ENGL 409/509    Teaching English as a Foreign Language
ENGL 426    History and Structures of English
ENGL 431    Shakespeare I (offered even numbered years) 
ENGL 432    Shakespeare II (offered odd numbered years)
ENGL 409/509 Teaching English as a Second Language