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ACCT 210B601Principles of Accounting I3Altmyer, Donald2018FA
AIS 257B601Early Amer Ind Hist & Culture3Sprague, Victoria2018FA
ANTH 210B601Cultural Anthropology3Wolff, Sarah2018FA
ARTH 100B601Art Appreciation3Flatley, Nicholas2018FA
ARTH 212B601History of World Art II3Flatley, Nicholas2018FA
BADM 321B601Business Statistics II3Mwamba, Sylvia2018FA
BADM 344B601Managerial Communications3Looney, Barbara2018FA
BADM 350B601Legal Environment of Business3Dana, Susan2018FA
BADM 351B601Business Law3Dana, Susan2018FA
BADM 370B601Marketing3Weber, Danny2018FA
BADM 372B601Advertising3Lee, Sangbong2018FA
BADM 407B601International Business3Looney, Donald2018FA
BADM 464B601Organizational Behavior3Fixen, Megan2018FA
BADM 471B601Marketing Management3Song, Wei2018FA
BIOL 101B601Biology Survey I3Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 101B602Biology Survey I3Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 101B604Biology Survey I3Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 101LB604Biology Survey I Lab1Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 101LB601Biology Survey I Lab1Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 101LB602Biology Survey I Lab1Fayer, Lisbeth2018FA
BIOL 103B601Biology Survey II3Sarver, Shane2018FA
BIOL 103LB601Biology Survey II Lab1Sarver, Shane2018FA
BIOL 321B601Conservation Natural Resources3Sarver, Shane2018FA
ECE 411B601Social Develop Early Childhood3Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 413B601Early Childhood Curriculum3Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 495B601Practicum: Kindergarten1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 495B603Practicum: Preschool1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 495B605Practicum: Early Intervention1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 511B601Guidance for Young Children3Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 513B601Early Childhood Curriculum3Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 795B601Practicum: Preschool1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 795B603Practicum: Kindergarten1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECE 795B605Practicum: Early Intervention1Christian, Elizabeth2018FA
ECON 201B601Principles of Microeconomics3Ahmed, Ishraq2018FA
ECON 202B601Principles of Macroeconomics3Mwamba, Sylvia2018FA
ED 630B601Ed Collaboration/Research Meth3Moore, Jarrett2018FA
ED 630B607Ed Collaboration/Research Meth3Moore, Jarrett2018FA
ED 641B800Stdnt Think Numbers/Operations2Kertzman, Deann2018FA
ED 695B601Practicum1Amys, Ryan2018FA
ED 728B601New/Emerging Technology School3Custer, Rodney2018FA
ED 748B603Cultural/Ling Diversity School3Eberhard, Brian2018FA
ED 757B601K-12 Literacy Instruction3LaDuke-Pelster, Faye2018FA
EDFN 338B601Foundations of American Ed2Carriveau, Richard2018FA
EDFN 365B601Computer-Based Tech & Learning3Turner, Laura2018FA
EDFN 365B603Computer-Based Tech & Learning3Turner, Laura2018FA
EDFN 475B601Human Relations3Alsup, John2018FA
EDFN 475B603Human Relations3Eberhard, Brian2018FA
EDFN 575B601Human Relations3Alsup, John2018FA
EDFN 575B603Human Relations3Eberhard, Brian2018FA
EDFN 595B601Practicum1Moore, Jarrett2018FA
ELED 315B601Foundations/Theory of Reading2Carriveau, Richard2018FA
ELED 659B601Diag/Remed Read Difficulties3LaDuke-Pelster, Faye2018FA
ENGL 033B641Basic Writing3Duncan, Carol2018FA
ENGL 101B601Composition I3Mehrer, Ronda2018FA
ENGL 101B602Composition I3Mehrer, Ronda2018FA
ENGL 101B603Composition I3Kwenda, Mary2018FA
ENGL 101B604Composition I3Duncan, Carol2018FA
ENGL 101CB641Composition I3Duncan, Carol2018FA
ENGL 201B601Composition II3Mehrer, Ronda2018FA
ENGL 201B603Composition II3Lehman, Karl2018FA
ENGL 201B605Composition II3Kwenda, Mary2018FA
ENGL 210B601Introduction to Literature3Mehrer, Ronda2018FA
ENGL 379B601Technical Communication3Clouse, Lindsey2018FA
EPSY 302B601Educational Psychology3Neitzel, Carin2018FA
EPSY 302B603Educational Psychology3Neitzel, Carin2018FA
EPSY 428B601Child & Adolescent Development3Lawson, Cody2018FA
EXS 130B601Basic Medical Terminology3Grinager, Michelle2018FA
EXS 300B601Intro to Research3Triplett, Craig2018FA
EXS 452B601Motor Learning & Development3Jensen, Daniel2018FA
GEOG 101B601Introduction to Geography3Gray-Wood, Carrie2018FA
GEOG 210B603World Regional Geography3Gray-Wood, Carrie2018FA
GEOG 210B601World Regional Geography3Gray-Wood, Carrie2018FA
GS 491B601Is: Capstone Experience3Kwenda, Mary2018FA
GS 901B601Tracking Course: AEPP0Pierce, Courtney2018FA
HIST 115B601Surv Non-Western Civilization3Lang, Alexander2018FA
HIST 121B601Western Civilization I3Lang, Alexander2018FA
HIST 151B603United States History I3Daniels, Jason2018FA
HIST 151B607United States History I3Daniels, Jason2018FA
HIST 151B601United States History I3Weyant, Thomas2018FA
HIST 152B601United States History II3Scheidler, Natalie2018FA
HIST 152B603United States History II3Weyant, Thomas2018FA
HIST 257B601Early Amer Indian Hist/Culture3Sprague, Victoria2018FA
HIST 376B601Democracy and Democratization3Van Benthuysen, John2018FA
HIST 460B601American Military History3Kirk, Kelly2018FA
HLTH 315B601Human Nutrition3Ahmed, Christine2018FA
HLTH 315B603Human Nutrition3Ahmed, Christine2018FA
HLTH 321B603K-8 Methods of Teaching Health2Derby, Breon2018FA
HLTH 422B601Nutrition3Grinager, Michelle2018FA
HUM 100B601Introduction to Humanities3Kwenda, Mary2018FA
INED 411B601South Dakota Indian Studies3Marcus, Urla2018FA
INED 411B603South Dakota Indian Studies3Conroy, Justin2018FA
INED 411B605South Dakota Indian Studies3Diekhoff, Peggy2018FA
INED 411B607South Dakota Indian Studies3Conroy, Justin2018FA
INED 511B601South Dakota Indian Studies3Marcus, Urla2018FA
INED 511B603South Dakota Indian Studies3Conroy, Justin2018FA
INED 511B607South Dakota Indian Studies3Conroy, Justin2018FA
LIBM 205B601Children's Literature2Breed, Elizabeth2018FA
LIBM 305B601Children's and Young Adult Lit3Breed, Elizabeth2018FA
LIBM 404B601Reference Resources3Ahola, Scott2018FA
LIBM 421B601Mgmt of Library Media Center3Wilde, Amber2018FA
LIBM 504B601Reference Resources3Ahola, Scott2018FA
LIBM 521B601Mgmt of Library Media Center3Wilde, Amber2018FA
MATH 095B601Pre-College Algebra3Siewert, Daluss2018FA
MATH 095B603Pre-College Algebra3Siewert, Daluss2018FA
MATH 102B601College Algebra3Trimble, Jill2018FA
MATH 102B603College Algebra3Trimble, Jill2018FA
MATH 102B605College Algebra3Trimble, Jill2018FA
MATH 102B607College Algebra3Trimble, Jill2018FA
MATH 102B609College Algebra3Hastert, Erica2018FA
MATH 120B601Trigonometry3Siewert, Daluss2018FA
MATH 125B601Calculus II4Swenson, Daniel2018FA
MATH 281B601Introduction to Statistics3Hastert, Erica2018FA
MATH 281B603Introduction to Statistics3Swenson, Daniel2018FA
MATH 341B601Math Concepts for Teachers I3Alsup, John2018FA
MCOM 151B601Intro to Mass Communication3Woodle, Annie2018FA
MCOM 351B601Web Design3Paden, Tennille2018FA
MIS 105B601Introduction to Computers3Stevens, Garrett2018FA
MIS 105B602Introduction to Computers3Ashraf, Asa2018FA
MIS 205B601Advanced Computer Applications3Razafimanjato, Tahiry2018FA
MLED 480B603Middle Level Methods2Amys, Ryan2018FA
MLED 480B601Middle Level Methods2Lawson, Cody2018FA
MLED 491B601Is: Principles/Pract Teach Mid3Stone, Jamalee2018FA
MLED 580B603Middle Level Methods2Amys, Ryan2018FA
MLED 580B601Middle Level Methods2Lawson, Cody2018FA
MUS 100B601Music Appreciation3Hahn, Christopher2018FA
MUS 100B603Music Appreciation3Nero, Jonathan2018FA
PHYS 185B602Introduction to Astronomy I2Verhelst, Mary2018FA
PHYS 185B604Introduction to Astronomy I2Mount, Brianna2018FA
PHYS 185B601Introduction to Astronomy I2Verhelst, Mary2018FA
PHYS 185LB601Introductn to Astronomy I Lab1Verhelst, Mary2018FA
PHYS 185LB604Introduction Astronomy I Lab1Mount, Brianna2018FA
PHYS 185LB603Introduction Astronomy I Lab1Verhelst, Mary2018FA
POLS 100B601American Government3Van Benthuysen, John2018FA
POLS 100B603American Government3Drummond, Nicholas2018FA
POLS 100B605American Government3Carriveau, Pamela2018FA
POLS 141B601Governments of the World3Van Benthuysen, John2018FA
POLS 376B601Democracy and Democratization3Van Benthuysen, John2018FA
PSYC 101B601General Psychology3Hunt, Tracy2018FA
PSYC 101B603General Psychology3Brady, Danielle2018FA
PSYC 101B605General Psychology3Reinicke, Tara2018FA
PSYC 101B607General Psychology3Reinicke, Tara2018FA
SEED 508B601The Diverse 7-12 Classroom3Stone, Jamalee2018FA
SEED 550B601Reading and Content Literacy3Carriveau, Richard2018FA
SLDR 710B601Leadership: Lessons Learned3Hummel, Michael2018FA
SLDR 728B601Levels of Leadership3Betterson, John2018FA
SLDR 752B601Strategic Decision Making3Bispham, Jeoffrey2018FA
SOC 100B601Introduction to Sociology3Colmenero-Chilberg, Laura2018FA
SOC 100B603Introduction to Sociology3Digioia, Stephen2018FA
SOC 150B601Social Problems3Ellis, Trenton2018FA
SOC 201B601Intro to Criminal Justice3Castleberry, James2018FA
SOC 201B603Intro to Criminal Justice3Colmenero-Chilberg, Laura2018FA
SOC 382B601The Family3Owen, Lesleigh2018FA
SPAN 101B601Introductory Spanish I4Hsiao, Du-Lu2018FA
SPAN 101B603Introductory Spanish I4Hsiao, Du-Lu2018FA
SPAN 491B602Is: Films and Cultural Studies3Hsiao, Du-Lu2018FA
SPCM 101B601Fundamentals of Speech3Clark, Ryan2018FA
SPCM 101B603Fundamentals of Speech3Lachowitzer, Chance2018FA
SPCM 101B605Fundamentals of Speech3Brasher, Brianne2018FA
SPCM 101B607Fundamentals of Speech3Clark, Ryan2018FA
SPED 100B601Intro Persons Exceptionalities3Mullaney, Tonya2018FA
SPED 100B603Intro Persons Exceptionalities3Yoho, Louise2018FA
SPED 410B601Behavior Mgmt of Except Child3Gurich, Debbie2018FA
SPED 413B601Serve Studt W/Severe Disablty3Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 417B601Voc-Transitional Programming3Yoho, Louise2018FA
SPED 420B601K-12 Curr & Instruct Strategy3Gurich, Debbie2018FA
SPED 431B601Ident & Assess in Special Educ3Yoho, Louise2018FA
SPED 453B601Intr/Autism Spectrum Disorders3Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 460B601Family Sys & Pro Collaboration3Zanton, David2018FA
SPED 495B601Practicum in Sped:k-122Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 495B603Practicum in Sped:k-82Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 495B605Practicum: 7-122Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 510B601Behavior Mgmt Exception Child3Gurich, Debbie2018FA
SPED 513B601Serve Studt W/Severe Disablty3Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 517B601Voc-Transitional Programming3Yoho, Louise2018FA
SPED 520B601K-12 Curr & Instruct Strategy3Gurich, Debbie2018FA
SPED 531B601Ident & Assess in Special Educ3Yoho, Louise2018FA
SPED 535B601Character/Exception Adolescent3Amys, Ryan2018FA
SPED 553B601Intr/Autism Spectrum Disorders3Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 560B601Family Sys & Pro Collaboration3Zanton, David2018FA
SPED 695B601Practicum in Sped:k-122Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 695B603Practicum in Sped:k-82Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SPED 695B605Practicum in Sped:7-122Zanton, Jessica2018FA
SUST 510B601Fundamentals of Sustainability3Marker, Sandra2018FA
SUST 520B601Science for Sustainability3Asunskis, Amy2018FA
SUST 530B601Environmental Economics3Marker, Sandra2018FA
SUST 785B601Capstone3Johnson, Andy2018FA
THM 100B601Intro to Tourism & Hosp Mgmt3Choi, Hyunsuk2018FA
THM 320B601Lodging Management3Choi, Hyunsuk2018FA
WRTG 379B601Technical Communication3Clouse, Lindsey2018FA