Discover physics.

Benefits of QuarkNet

The BHSU QuarkNet Center provides opportunities for high school teachers throughout South Dakota to work side-by-side with scientists working on cutting-edge research at the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory at Homestake, and also to join an established network of teachers and mentors throughout the U.S. The support and activities do not end with the summer workshops. The QuarkNet program has the experience and infrastructure to bring to the classroom such physics tools such as a network of cosmic ray detectors, online data analysis, curricular activities incorporating research experience to the classroom, and classroom visits by scientist mentors.

By providing high school teachers an opportunity to participate in front-line physics research in particle physics, and thereby establishing a mentor relationships between science teachers and physics professors, the program involves about 100,000 students from 500+ U.S. high schools in

  • Web-based analysis of real data.
  • Collaboration with students worldwide.
  • Remote control of television cameras in experimental areas.
  • Visits by student representatives to the experiments.

Through inquiry-oriented investigations students will learn kinematics, particles, waves, electricity and magnetism, energy and momentum, radioactive decay, optics, relativity, forces, and the structure of matter. QuarkNet provides support in the form of stipends, travel allowances, materials and supplies, etc. In addition, graduate course credit is offered for participants.

QuarkNet is an Education and Outreach program with high school teachers as participants. Undergraduate students are not directly part of the QuarkNet program. However, the teachers have the opportunity to earn college credit for their participation.