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About QuarkNet

Getting its start in 1999, QuarkNet has grown from 10 Centers to about 50 Centers in universities and laboratories participating in high-energy and particle physics experiments across the United States, and BHSU is excited to offer this program. The BHSU QuarkNet Center is the only one in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota and Nebraska. By funding the BHSU Center, the particle physics community shows great support in the developing Sanford Lab Physics program at BHSU.


Muon detector being constructed underground

The BHSU QuarkNet Center is committed to providing opportunities to high school teachers from both East River and West River, and especially to the Tribal schools.

Participating QuarkNet Universities

Joining BHSU, other participating universities in the QuarkNet program across the United States include:

Boston University, Columbia University, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University, Purdue University, Rice University, Rutgers University, University of Houston, University of Maryland, Notre Dame and the University of Pennsylvania

What is QuarkNet?

Our goals for teachers include a deeper understanding of physics content, an appreciation for the machinery of modern science, an introduction to inquiry-based teaching as well as evolution in individual teaching to a more student-centered mode of instruction. QuarkNet is getting students excited about science and involved in classroom science investigations by getting scientists and teachers working together.