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Biology Faculty & Staff

Cyndi AndersonSchool of Natural SciencesAssoc Director, CCBR / Assoc Prof, Biology(605)642-6519
Pam ArnesonSchool of Natural SciencesSenior Lecturer, Science(605)718-4357
Dave BergmannSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Biology(605)642-6465
John DixsonSchool of Natural SciencesAssociate Professor, Chemistry(605)642-6284
Holly DowningSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Biology(605)642-6517
Charlie LambSchool of Natural SciencesChief Research Officer; Professor, Biology(605)642-6026
Tamara LawsonSchool of Natural SciencesLab Manager(605)642-6079
Justin RamseySchool of Natural SciencesAssistant Professor, Plant Biology(605)642-6193
Shane SarverSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Biology/Director CCBR Lab(605)642-6058
Brian SmithSchool of Natural SciencesProfessor, Biology/Grad Coordinator(605)642-6879