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Natural Sciences

Degrees Offered

Biology / Biology Education
The biology program at BHSU is designed to give you a broad background and hands-on training in biology with cutting-edge laboratory facilities. This program prepares you through a rigorous curriculum for advanced study in graduate or professional programs, or for a career in science or science education.

Chemistry / Chemistry Education
Hold the keys to understanding the world at its most principal scale with a degree in Chemistry. Study matter at the molecular level gain a comprehensive understanding of General, Organic, Analytic, and Instrument Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Environmental Physical Science
Major in environmental physical science deals with the identification, study, and treatment of a variety of environmental problems including ground and surface water quality and management, waste treatment, land-use planning, soil testing, contaminant chemistry and monitoring, hazardous waste disposal, land reclamation, and energy management and production.

Physical Science
The major in physical science is designed to provide you with broad, rigorous training in both physics and chemistry with introductory courses in the earth sciences, as well. Physical science includes the branches of natural science and sciences that study non-living systems, contrasting the biological sciences.

Degrees Offered

The physics program at BHSU prepares you through an action-based and discussion-oriented teaching approach based on recent advances in physics education research.

Pre-professional programs
Getting accepted into a professional degree program requires academic rigor and quality instruction. BHSU will help you as you begin your journey to your professional career. With innovative research based education experiences and close faculty mentoring, BHSU students are well-equipped to go on to professional programs.

MSIG Degree

Master of Science in Integrative Genomics (MSIG)
Integrative Genomics is an interdisciplinary graduate program that combines genomics, ecology, evolution, and physiology to better understand the evolutionary forces that have shaped the mechanisms that are important to species interactions in the wild. Gain the necessary skills and concepts to work cooperatively with others in a research area that takes a systems-wide approach and incorporates an organism’s history and natural environment to understand the organization and expression of its many genes. Exposure to modern techniques and instrumentation in the laboratory and field prepares students for success in both academic and other biotechnology-related pursuits.