BHSU Honors Program

Welcome to Honors at Black Hills State University.
Honors takes the BHSU commitment to personalized student-centered academic excellence to the next level. Honors offers highly motivated students – regardless of their program of study – a challenging and enriching education and an elite academic and social community. What's more, we make a difference by motivating all students, faculty, and staff to achieve their best. Whether you are an entering freshman, a transfer or continuing student, or a high school student exploring your future, we invite you to consider the program and graduate as a University Scholar.

The BHSU Honors Program is a Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council

The University Honors Program Advantage

Dedicated to knowledge, achievement, and community, the University Honors Program seeks to enrich its students' university experiences.  The program is designed to provide the university’s top students with the support and individualized instruction they need to pursue their academic and professional goals.

The benefits of the University Honors Program are numerous:

  • Faculty Mentors: Academic engagement is fostered through faculty mentors.  From their first semester on campus, students work closely with professors in their chosen fields.
  • Unique Coursework:  Students vote to select each semester’s colloquium offering.  Upcoming colloquia include “Through the Whedonverse:  Understanding Postmodern Popular Culture,” “Revolutions in the Heavens:  Galileo, Science, and Religion,” “Magical Realism in Literature and Art,” and "Molecules that Changed History." 
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship:  As an opportunity to direct their own research, creative activity, service project, or study abroad experience, students complete and defend a capstone project under the mentorship of a chosen faculty member and the honors director.
  • Community and Collaboration:  University Honors students enjoy a built-in social and academic community through frequent social events, "stocials" (study socials), community service projects, and Thursday afternoon Geek Speak lectures from esteemed faculty.  The program also hosts its own student group, the Honors Club, which plans campus and community events and activities.  Finally, University Honors students also enjoy an Honors Center accessible by keycard; in addition to boasting free printing for members, it offers a place and space to study and socialize.

Mission Statement

The University Honors program is about opportunity, community, and leadership.  The program provides a unique academic and social community for students committed to academic and personal excellence. From foundations courses and colloquia to the capstone project, the program affords a rigorous and individualized program of study to students with exemplary academic records. Honors courses strive to provide students with faculty mentors, small collaborative communities, and opportunities in research and creative scholarship.  The program’s student organization offers opportunities for leadership and service to the campus, the community, and beyond. Honors presents highly motivated students – regardless of their major field of study – a challenging and enriching education and university experience.  Students who graduate from the program will graduate as University Scholars, both in name and in accomplishment.