Why Join the BHSU Honors Program?

Dear Prospective Honors Scholar,

 The University Honors Program at Black Hills State University is an incredible organization that focuses on the academic success of the students who participate in it. Although there are many programs on campus, both academic and non-academic, none of these focus as much attention on providing the most opportunities for students as the University Honors Program.

 The curriculum is made to challenge the students so that they can shine even more than they would in a typical class. Every class that you take as an Honors student is useful and applicable. For example, I chose to take an Honors German class early in my program and I was able to use my knowledge of the German language to communicate with the flight attendants on my German flight during one summer when no one else could. My German class also gave me a new perspective of Germany’s culture. The colloquia classes also give students a unique perspective. During my colloquium class on the Olympics, I not only learned about the history and transformation of the games, but I also learned about the impact that the Olympics has had on world events, such as the Black Power Salute during the Civil Rights Movement. Each class adds a new perspective to learning about the past, present, and future. Plus, the capstone project is a great way to research something that fascinates you as a student. It provides the opportunity to learn and teach others about a passion of yours. Where else could you get the help of faculty and the backing of a school to learn about your passions? Only in the University Honors Program!

 Furthermore, the faculty involved in this program make an effort to create personal connections with students. Our faculty members are trusted sources of knowledge for academics and life at BH. Plus, they are more than willing to help students plan their future career goals. I have had close relationships with both the past and present directors of the University Honors Program. They have not only shared an interest in my time at college, but also in my life outside college. They have encouraged me and have been mentors to me in many areas of life.

 The curriculum and the faculty are not the only great parts of the University Honors Program. There is also an Honors Club, which provides great opportunities to serve the community through blood drives, spelling bees for elementary school children, and other service-learning projects. It also gives students a chance to socialize with other Honors students and provides networking opportunities for the future.

 Overall, the program will truly transform your experience as a college student at Black Hills State University. The program will give you the support from faculty to be successful at BHSU and beyond. Being a part of the Honors Program will put you in a position to connect with other students, and to use those connections as networking opportunities in the future. It will provide you with an exceptional and challenging education that will make you stand out as an applicant in future job or graduate school applications. No other program puts the whole focus on the success, needs, and goals of the student like this one. This is why I highly recommend being a part of the amazing and important University Honors Program at BHSU.

Julie Gueswel
Honors Club President