Geek Speak

Upcoming Geek


  • "Happy?  The Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment:"  September 11, 4:00 p.m., Jonas 110

  • Hosted by Dr. Jami Stone, this lecture will focus on the positive psychology techniques of Professor Tal Ben-Shahar who teaches this most popular course at Harvard University.  One out of every five students has lined up to hear Professor Tal Ben-Shahar's insightful and inspiring lectures on that ever elusive state:  HAPPINESS.  Come learn about a set of principles you can apply to your daily life to become happier.

Geeks of the Future

  • September 25: 

    All That is Good is Nasty:  The Funkification of the Nation," hosted by Dr. Chris Hahn on September 25, will explore the origins of Funk and its musical relationship toR&B, Soul, Motown, and jazz.

  • (Friday) October 3:  

    4 P.M. Count:  Writing for Transformative Justice, hosted by guest lecturer Dr. Jim Reese on Friday, October 3, will discuss creative writing programs in U.S. prisons. Since 2008, Jim Reese has been one of six artists-in-residence throughout the country who are part of the National Endowment for the Art’s interagency initiative with the Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Prisons. Here he established Yankton Federal Prison Camp’s first creative writing workshop and publishing course, editing a yearly (perfect bound) journal, 4 P.M. Count, which features creative writing and visual artwork by inmates.  Join us to discuss the power of voice.

  • October 16:  Dr. Amy Fuqua, On Literacy and Democracy

  • October 23:  
    The Dark Mouse, hosted by Dr. Tim Steckline on October 23, will offer a cultural and political critique of the products and ideology of Disney.  Using examples from films, theme parks, toys, and multitude of other products issued by Disney in America and internationally, the lecture will explore how Disney devalues women and workers and seeks to subjugate the world to the Disney empire. 

  • October 30:  Dr. Courtney Huse Wika, On Halloween

  • November 6:  Dr. Dan May, On Math and Poetry

  • November 13:  

    "Lincoln and Gettysburg:  From Rhetorical Artistry to National Totem," hosted by Dr. Adam Gaffey on November 13, will explore what makes the Gettysburg Address great.  In a speech that took less than three minutes to deliver, Abraham Lincoln presented a work that has been hailed as the pinnacle of eloquence and celebrated as political scripture.  This presentation will explore the historical context, rhetorical artistry, and enduring public reception of Lincoln’s extraordinary speech. 

  • November 20:  

    The Geek Chic, hosted by Dr. Robb Campbell on November 20, will examine the current "geekdom" fad.  In the Second Gilded Age (1980s - 2000s) Americans were deep into the Cracker Chic: watching NASCAR, buying horses, shopping at Walmart, romanticizing poverty. Now, in our own fascinating decade of transition, Americans have shifted into Geek Chic: obsessing over STEM, watching the Big Bang Theory, training their brains, calling themselves geeks as in this series. We'll look at the origins of Geek Chic and whether it may be a sideways salvation for the American Republic.

  • December 4:  The Fall Defense

Geeks of the Past

  • The Super History of America's Superheroes.  Hosted by Professor Kelly Kirk.  Thursday, September 4 at 4:00 p.m. Jonas 110

  • The Defense: "The Surveillance Industrial Complex:  America's Privacy Crisis;" "Distinguishing the Meditative Benefits of Drawing Within and Without Borders on Acute Stress"  (The traditional defense for graduating University Honors Students)

  • "This is Gonna Suck:  The Vampire in History and Literature"

  • "A Look at Beauty:  Bias, Brokenness, and the Pursuit of Truth"

  • "Children Beware!  Stephen King and Evil in Its Many Forms​"

  • "My Bloody Valentine: The Psychology of Serial Killers"

  • "Just a Shadow You're Seeing That He's Chasing:  Bob Dylan, Mystic"

  • "What Does the Fox Say:  The Animal in Art and Society"

  • "We Wish you a Merry and Terrifying Christmas:  Myths, Histories, and Legends of the Holiday"

  • "56 Houses Left:  Urban Decay and Abandonment"

  • "Killing the President:  JFK and the Conspiracies"

  • "The Good Death:  Death and Dying in the Civil War"

  • "Your Guide to the Apocalypse:  The History of Zombies"