Geek Speak

Upcoming Geek

    • November 20:  
      The Geek Chic, hosted by Dr. Robb Campbell on November 20, will examine the current "geekdom" fad.  In the Second Gilded Age (1980s - 2000s) Americans were deep into the Cracker Chic: watching NASCAR, buying horses, shopping at Walmart, romanticizing poverty. Now, in our own fascinating decade of transition, Americans have shifted into Geek Chic: obsessing over STEM, watching the Big Bang Theory, training their brains, calling themselves geeks as in this series. We'll look at the origins of Geek Chic and whether it may be a sideways salvation for the American Republic. Jonas 110 at 4:00 p.m.

Geeks of the Future

  • December 4:  The Fall Defense:  Julie Gueswel and Jordan Louks, graduating University Honors Students, will defend their capstone work. Jonas 110 at 4:00 p.m.

    Julie Gueswel:  Revealing Tournament Theory's Motivational Techniques within Hollywood Movies: The compensation method of tournament theory is highly motivating for employees and movie characters alike. This project analyzes tournament theory's motivational affect on employee performance and then ties that in to Hollywood movies like The Hobbit and The Devil Wears Prada​, while emphasizing the effect movies have on society.

    Jordan Louks:  On Finding Hope:  This project explores the literary device of allegory to use as a working definition for an original allegory about finding hope in the face of doubt, hypocrisy, and malevolence. The inspiration for this novella came from the writer's personal metamorphosis throughout his undergraduate career, which yielded a new optimism and new world view.   

• Jan. 15: Doctoral Candidate Tyrone White: “Welcome to the Zombie-Ridden Landscape of the Real: The Walking Dead and the 21st Century Passion for the Real"
• Jan. 22: Dr. Nicole Royer: "Cannibalism, Necrophilia, and Death and Dying: Taboos in Popular Culture"
• Jan. 29: Dr. Rickie Legleitner: "Disruptive Depictions of Disability in South Park"

• Feb. 5: Dr. Adam Gaffey: "The Rhetoric of Equality:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Arguments on Civil Rights"
• Feb. 12: Dr. Nikki Dragone: On Sherlock Holmes
• Feb. 19: Dr. Nick Wallerstein: “The Sound (and a Bit of Sense) of Poetry from Ancient Times to the Present.”
• Feb. 26: Dr. Tom Arnold: On Nazis in Popular Culture

• March 5: Dr. David Cremean: "Breaking Bad and the Inexhaustibility of Extreme Methaphor"
• March 19: Dr. William Cockrell: On Gender and Gaming
• March 26: Dr. Chris Hahn and Professor Kelly Kirk: On Black Politic Music of the 1970s

• April 9: Dr. Dan May: "<Insert Relevant Song Title Here>:  The Rise and Fall of American Alternative Rock"
• April 16: Dr. Aris Karagiorgakis: "The Truth is in Here: Why 12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run the Country (and other “crazy” conspiracies)"
• April 23: John Ginther: On Game of Thrones
• April 30: Dr. Dave Berberick: On the History of Heavy Metal

• May 5 and May 7: The Defense (Capstone defense for UHON seniors)

Geeks of the Past

  • "Lincoln and Gettysburg:  From Rhetorical Artistry to National Totem," hosted by Dr. Adam Gaffey. 

  • "For pairs of lips to kiss maybe / Involves no trigonometry : Mathematics and Poetry," hosted by Dr. Dan May.

  • "Practical Magic: The Myths and Rituals of Halloween," hosted by Dr. Courtney Huse Wika.

  • "The Dark Mouse:  The Evils of Disney," hosted by Dr. Tim Steckline.

  • "Why Democracy Needs Good Novels:  The Future of Fiction," hosted by Dr. Amy Fuqua.

  • "WE ARE #RAVENSNATION:  Violence in the NFL," an open panel discussion. Hosted by Drs. Marker, Anagnopoulos, Gaffey, and Wallerstein.  

  • "All That is Good is Nasty:  The Funkification of the Nation,"  Hosted by Dr. Chris Hahn.  

  • "Happy?  The Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment:" Hosted by Dr. Jami Stone.  

  • "The Super History of America's Superheroes," hosted by Professor Kelly Kirk.  

  • The Defense: "The Surveillance Industrial Complex:  America's Privacy Crisis;" "Distinguishing the Meditative Benefits of Drawing Within and Without Borders on Acute Stress"  (The traditional defense for graduating University Honors Students) Nicole Faas and Kaitlin Schneider, respectively. 

    • "This is Gonna Suck:  The Vampire in History and Literature," hosted by Dr. Courtney Huse Wika.

    • "A Look at Beauty:  Bias, Brokenness, and the Pursuit of Truth," hosted by Professor Gina Gibson.

    • "Children Beware!  Stephen King and Evil in Its Many Forms​," hosted by Dr. Laura Colmenero-Chilberg.

    • "My Bloody Valentine: The Psychology of Serial Killers," hosted by Dr. Emilia Flint.

    • "Just a Shadow You're Seeing That He's Chasing:  Bob Dylan, Mystic," hosted by Dr. David Cremean.

    • "What Does the Fox Say:  The Animal in Art and Society," hosted by Dr. Ann Porter.

    • "We Wish you a Merry and Terrifying Christmas:  Myths, Histories, and Legends of the Holiday"

    • "56 Houses Left:  Urban Decay and Abandonment," hosted by Professor Desy Schoenewies. 

    • "Killing the President:  JFK and the Conspiracies," hosted by Dr. Sasha Pursley.

    • "The Good Death:  Death and Dying in the Civil War,"  hosted by Professor Kelly Kirk.

    • "Your Guide to the Apocalypse:  The History of Zombies," hosted by Dr. Courtney Huse Wika.