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  • The Defense: "The Surveillance Industrial Complex:  America's Privacy Crisis;" "Distinguishing the Meditative Benefits of Drawing Within and Without Borders on Acute Stress"  (The traditional defense for graduating University Honors Students)
  • "This is Gonna Suck:  The Vampire in History and Literature"
  • "A Look at Beauty:  Bias, Brokenness, and the Pursuit of Truth"
  • "Children Beware!  Stephen King and Evil in Its Many Forms​"
  • "My Bloody Valentine: The Psychology of Serial Killers"
  • "Just a Shadow You're Seeing That He's Chasing:  Bob Dylan, Mystic"
  • "What Does the Fox Say:  The Animal in Art and Society"
  • "We Wish you a Merry and Terrifying Christmas:  Myths, Histories, and Legends of the Holiday"
  • "56 Houses Left:  Urban Decay and Abandonment"
  • "Killing the President:  JFK and the Conspiracies"
  • "The Good Death:  Death and Dying in the Civil War"
  • "Your Guide to the Apocalypse:  The History of Zombies"