Honors: Bachelor's

University Honors: Bachelor's Program Curriculum 

1.  Honors English 101 and 201

2.  6 credits of foundation courses

3.  6 credits of colloquia 

4.  6 credits of non-English language or upper-level honors contract work in major

5.  2-6 credits of Honors 498:  Capstone Research

Suggested Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Fall: Honors English 101
  • Spring: Honors English 201, Foundation Course I

Sophomore Year

  • Fall: Foundation Course II
  • Spring: Colloquium I

Junior Year

  • Fall: Intermediate Course I, Colloquium II
  • Spring: Intermediate Course II, *Capstone Proposal Due by February 15

Senior Year

  • Fall: *Capstone Work
  • Spring: Complete Capstone and Defense by April 15

*The capstone project can be completed earlier in the student’s academic career to allow for senior internships, student teaching, and study abroad commitments.