MSSL Student Testimonials

MSSL graduate, Tracy Mosness

"This summer I will attend my 30th reunion in Bozeman, where I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  As I have moved many times in the past 30 years, there was never a residence program that made sense to my schedule.  I applied and was accepted into two MBA programs which commenced in the Fall of 2008 at the National University of Singapore and at Syracuse University in New York.  I elected to try the MSSL program at BHSU as leadership has always been central to my personal inclination, and BHSU was in my back yard, literally.  My wife and I have lived in South Dakota since 1992, and Spearfish since 1996 while I worked and lived internationally, most of the year.
I have to say that the program has been extremely challenging, and now that I have only 1 class to go this summer, it will fulfill a 30-yr promise that I made to myself to get an advanced management degree, post graduation from engineering school.  I have done lots of studying in the past 30 years, having learned 4 different languages, but this was the first formal, non-business sanctioned training that I had attended.  On May 7th, I will have completed 10 of the 11 modules required for graduation, and I can say that I have "stacks" of memories from each class.  The course work is hard.  I have never met any of the students or professors that I have had shared time with on-line the past 2-yrs, but I can tell you that we are a connected group.
I paid for the courses myself, and I can honestly say that the cost vs. value is high.  I was recently promoted at work, and I am certain that having this Leadership Degree was helpful, towards that end."
Tracy Mosness
Operations Manager, Husky Oil, Ltd.
Shekou, China
Class of 2010

MSSL graduate, Lee Breard
"The BHSU Masters in Strategic Leadership program has been a perfect fit for me as a National Guard Captain on Active Duty.  The classes stayed relevant with my daily work and sparked my interest in studying our nation's historic leaders.  The MSSL program is a must for any military and non-profit leader looking to take the next step in their professional development."
CPT Lee Breard
Class of 2010 - Army National Guard