Online Strategic Leadership Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Strategic Leadership (MSSL) program consists of a total of 33 credit hours of graduate level work. 

This is accomplished by taking 24 credit hours of required courses and an additional 9 credits of approved electives.

This program of study will be offered using an executive, cohort model and will be delivered as follows:

Prefix and Number 

Course Title

Credit Hours


SLDR 710 Leadership and Innovation: Lessons Learned  3 Fall
SLDR 728 Levels of Leadership  3 Fall
SLDR 740 Leading Change: Ethics & Responsibility  3 Spring
SLDR 748 Social Change & Diversity  3 Spring
  Elective  3 Summer
  Elective  3 Summer
SLDR 752 Strategic Decision Making  3 Fall
  Elective  3
SLDR 775 Mentoring  3 Spring
SLDR 695 Practicum  3 Spring
SLDR 770 Visioning: Strategic Planning  3 Summer

Computer Requirements

The MSSL program is delivered online. Students will need to have access to a computer and Internet connection to take the program. All MSSL courses are taught using Desire2Learn (D2L). Visit the D2L computer requirements page to check if your computer meets the minimum technical requirement.