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Online Secondary Master’s Teacher Certification Field Experiences

The Online Secondary Master's Teacher Certification field experiences are organized and interrelated. There are three primary field experience activities: 

1.   Pre-Admission Teaching Practicum
2.   Pre-Student Teaching Practicum
3.   Student Teaching Experience

  • The Pre-Admission Teaching Practicum is designed to require students to spend 40 hours in a 7-12 classroom. Participants will observe classroom practices and/or tutor students as assigned by the classroom teacher. The experience will include 40 hours in a Middle Level/High School classroom.
  • The Pre-Student Teaching Practicum is designed to involve the prospective teacher with basic teaching duties/responsibilities in a classroom with a variety of student ability levels. Prospective teachers will spend 45 hours in a 7-12 school classroom assisting the classroom teacher,tutoring students as assigned by the classroom teacher, and planning and teaching at least three lessons. The Pre-Student Teaching Practicum usually occurs during the semester immediately preceding student teaching.
  • The Student Teaching Experience is the culminating field experience activity. It is designed to provide prospective teachers with an opportunity to assume the full responsibilities of a classroom teacher under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor.  This experience varies depending upon the content area of the student teacher. In most instances, the Student Teaching Experience is 16 weeks (600 hours) in duration. 
  • Project SECOND students who student-teach outside of a 100-mile radius of BHSU are required to pay the university supervisor's fee.  
    NOTE:  Students with more than one major must do at least 10 weeks of student teaching in each major area to be certified in South Dakota.
  • The Online Secondary Master's Teacher Certification Program at Black Hills State University is designed to provide a variety of field experiences for the prospective teacher. These experiences, coordinated with course work, provide both the education and experience necessary to become a competent, confident, and caring educator.