What is Experiential Learning at BHSU?

Dr. Ryan Clark discusses experiential learning.Listen to Dr. Ryan Clark discuss experiential learning.
Dr. Ryan Clark explains how experiential learning involves out of class activity in which students apply what they learn in the classroom. He also shares how college students can develop knowledge and grow as a citizen by getting involved in experiential learning. Watch now.

Experiential Learning is recognized as one of the most important goals and challenges for higher education as college students face a rapidly changing and increasingly connected world where applying knowledge-to-practice becomes not just a benefit...but a necessity. While significant knowledge for general education and within each major serves as the foundation, experiential learning integrates theory with real life.

As a result, experiential learning supports student growth as a confident, lifelong learner capable of adapting one's intellectual skills, contributing in a wide variety of situations, and applying one’s academic studies to making a positive difference in the world. Developing student capacity for integrative learning through experiential learning opportunities is central to personal success, social responsibility, and civic engagement in today’s global society. 

Discover how BHSU ensures that all students have multiple experiential learning opportunities.

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