Why complete an internship?

As entry level jobs seem to disappear, employers seek to hire new graduates who have "experience". So how do you gain experience unless you get a job? Internships bridge this gap! Student's internship experiences offer them a chance to explore career opportunities and to apply classroom knowledge. As a supervised work experience, internships provide practical on-the-job training in what you have studied while earning up to 12 credit hours toward your degree!

Internship Opportunities

Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill talks about the internship opportunities and benefits BHSU student, Erica Uhlir, took part in during her recent internship with the Pierre city government. 

Erica Uhlir

Erica Uhlir - City of Pierre, Business Office

“I feel that this internship has helped me to grow as a professional. I have never really worked in a professional setting until this internship.”
The City of Pierre provides services to the residents of Pierre. This is where the Business Office comes into play. They must keep track of all the money flowing in and out to make sure that the business is effectively using its resources.

Jenna Nagel

Jenna Nagel - South Dakota Department of Tourism & State Development 
"Jenna Nagel has been one of the best interns we've hired in my 18 years here. Not only has she provided very high quality photography, but she has been extremely easy to get along with, highly dependable and very motivated. Her enthusiasm for the job and for life in general has made her a valuable asset. We are sorry to see her go, but can't wait to see what the future holds for her.”

  - Chad Coppess, Senior Photographer, SD Department of Tourism & State Development

Kyler Huber

Kyler Huber - Black Hills Badlands & Lakes 

“BHB&L did a great job in providing me with enough tasks to fulfill the workday, every day, the entire summer.”
“Thank you to the BHB&L team for allowing me the opportunity to work alongside you guys and learn how the business of tourism works from the inside-out. All my work from the warehouse, to the road trips, running errands, and even washing the jeep were very fulfilling.”
BHB&L is a not-for-profit destination marketing organization that is comprised of members such as hotels, campgrounds, attractions and local businesses.

Codi Miller

Codi Miller - Public Relations & Media Intern, Medora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
“I had a great experience learning the field and career area. I feel that not only have I grown into a great subject for this profession, but as a person.”
The organization is funded by the state historical society and not only serves the local community, but travelers from all over the state and country.

Kyler Demink

Kyler Demink - Wyoming’s Department of Transportation Engineering Department
“My experience with WYDOT was great; I took a lot away from working on their project this summer.”
WYDOT’S Engineering Department does a wide range of services for the contractors such as; testing of materials, helping understand plans,inspect quality of work, payment, and overall project management.

Amy Varland

Amy Varland -South Dakota Public Broadcasting
"I like being in a progressive environment where people are dedicated to learning and continuing their education." "I was already talking to some really important people in my first week or two of the job."

Jeremy Kientz

Jeremy Kientz; South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks, Fisheries Technician
"Seeing some of those big fish and the health of the fishery really does a good job of providing a sense of purpose to fisheries professionals"

David Henry

David Henry - UBS Financial Service, Wealth Management Department
“This experience has solidified what I know and has boosted my confidence for finding a job after college”

Shanna Quinn

Shanna Quinn - UBS Financial Services
“My experience at UBS has been extremely positive. I have learned a great deal about leadership and about the financial world”
“I cannot believe how fast my time here has gone and how much I have enjoyed it.”

Alyssa Colson, intern with the S.D. Department of Social Services
“The internship was great and I learned a lot. I was fortunate to get two job offers and have accepted the internship with adult services and aging in Pierre. Thank you again for your help! It really paid off!”