How does experiential learning happen beyond the classroom?

Experiential learning at BHSU happens beyond the classroom when students use intellectual skills requiring adaptability, sophisticated knowledge, problem-solving capacities, and commitment to life-long learning in an authentic experience that contributes in making a positive difference in a real life situation. 

Bridge the gap with internships:
As entry level jobs seem to disappear, employers seek to hire new graduates who have "experience". So how do you gain experience unless you get a job? Internships bridge this gap! Such experience offers a chance to explore career opportunities to apply classroom knowledge. As a supervised work experience, internships provide practical on-the-job training in what you have studied while earning up to 16 credit hours toward your degree! Even better, an internship is a tried and true way to get your foot in the door at a company or organization where you aspire to work. In fact, NACE research indicates that 61.2% of internships turn into full-time job offers! Use Jacket Job Link to search internship opportunities. 

Meet Jesse CantrelMeet Jesse Cantrell:
Meet Jesse Cantrell a BHSU history major who takes her classes at the UC-RC. This semester Jesse is completing an internship at the Journey Museum. Listen as she discusses this experience and more. Watch now...

Engage in undergraduate research assistantships:

Having an Undergraduate Research Assistantship is an exciting and innovative way to engage in an increasingly sought-after experiential learning opportunity with a faculty mentor. Undergraduate research builds skills for students to draw on for successful graduate study, meaningful work lives, and to make a difference in the world. 

Meet Christ WhiteMeet Chris White:
Chris White, BHSU senior biology and chemistry major from Rapid City, is involved with the BHSU student organization, Scientia, as the current president. He has also been involved in tutoring students in math and chemistry, as well as working as a lab assistant in general chemistry. He is conducting research focusing on malaria treatment and was scheduled to present his research to state lawmakers at the State Capitol in Pierre. White is among 12 students from across the state who presented research at the 2012 Student Research Poster Session. 
Watch now...

Meet Andrew Thayer:
Andrew Jordan Thayer is a psychology major at BHSU. He is engaged in a faculty-mentored research assistantship with Dr. Lee Pearce, associate professor in the School of Education, to study student attributes that influence passing pre-college algebra. This research project is supported by an NSF grant. Watch now...

Make plans to study abroad:
Many American students choose to study abroad to experience living and learning in another culture. In fact, choosing to study in a country where they speak a language other than your own can definitely help improve your foreign language skills! At BHSU, students completing a Spanish degree study abroad in Spain and/or South America to meet the graduation requirement! Keep in mind, it is not necessary to speak another language to study abroad. For example, there are student teaching opportunities for teacher education majors in multiple English-speaking countries around the globe.

Meet Karissa Cruz:
Karissa Cruz is a junior at BHSU and studied abroad in Korea for a year. Listen as she discusses her experience and her future plans of teaching English in Korea.
 Watch now...

Read Story about Bailee Clarkson's study abroad experienceMeet Bailee Clarkson:
Read a story about Bailee Clarkson and her experience student teaching abroad in the article titled, "BHSU student discovers familiar faces thousands of miles from home". Read more...


Become an undergraduate learning assistant:
Becoming an undergraduate learning assistant provides an authentic experience for students to develop knowledge, application, and integration in the real world. Undergraduate learning assistantships provide opportunities for qualified students to become engaged in learning about specific subject matter to teach it! They support improving learning in math and writing by helping peers than could be provided by faculty members alone. Learn more about undergraduate learning assistantship opportunities at BHSU and the benefits of your involvement.

Meet Bailey Voss:
Bailey Voss is a Human Services major from Sturgis, South Dakota. In this video, she discusses her path to finding a degree she was passionate about and her experiential learning opportunities to work at the Writing Assistance Center at Black Hills State University.
Watch now...

Meet Dillon Whisman

Meet Dillon Whisman:
Dillon Whisman is an Elementary Education major at Black Hills State University. In the following video interview, Dillon highlights his experience in changing his major and his job in the Writing Assistance Center. Watch now...

Get involved in student organizations:
Student involvement in campus clubs and organizations has a positive impact on many areas of psychosocial development related to leadership. In fact, being a leader in student organizations is associated with higher levels of developing purpose, educational achievement, life management, and cultural engagement.

Meet Urla MarcusMeet Dr. Urla Marcus:
Dr. Urla Marcus, director of the Center for American Indian Studies, discusses her experiential learning activity involving the student organization Lakota Omniciye and the BHSU Native American Awareness Week. Watch now...
Read Dr. Marcus' paper about the Center for American Indian Studies' "experiential learning lab”

Meet. Dr. Cynthia ChandlerMeet Dr. Cynthia Chandler:
Listen to Dr. Cynthia Chandler, associate professor of education at BHSU, as she discusses the Parents Night Out experiential learning event and its impact on early childhood students as they develop into teachers. Watch now...
View Dr. Chandler's Parent's Night Out presentation. 

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