Explore what Black Hills State University has to offer for Education Degrees.

Major Programs Offered

Early Childhood / Special Education
The Early Childhood Special Education program at BHSU gives you the opportunity to acquire the training and certification you need to work with children ages birth to eight. Learn from faculty who are strong advocates for children of typical and atypical educational needs. The combination of the early childhood and special education courses, provides you the options that will turn your degree into a career – without additional time.

Elementary Education
Receive exceptional preparation and training for a career in elementary education. As the largest education program in the state, you will have access to cutting-edge practices as an elementary education major. Experience innovative ideas, best practices, and applied learning through our Professional Development School (PDS) model that integrates year-long classroom internships with college classes. Simultaneously study educational theories and methods while gaining practical knowledge based on real-world learning in the elementary classroom.

Special Education K-12
The special education program blends both on-campus and online courses. This program will prepare you to become a certified special education teacher in grades K-12. A degree in special education consists of special education core classes and teaching core classes. For teachers who have already completed a teaching degree and are currently working, BHSU also offers a special education endorsement online.

Math & Science Education
Become equipped to meet the tremendous demand for math and science teachers with a composite teaching major in science and mathematics education. This major is designed to efficiently immerse students in both the mathematics and scientific disciplines while teaching innovative strategies to help secondary students learn these subjects.

Physical Education
Share your passion for human movement and learn how to help others appreciate and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for an active, healthy lifestyle. Gain experience teaching physical education. This program focuses on experiencing and understanding how a human body works relative to movement, and emphasizes the development of performance and teaching skills to enable you to create, implement, and assess physical education lessons for any grade from K-12.

Science Education
The science education major provides you with the opportunity to become deeply immersed in the content of two scientific disciplines while learning innovative strategies to help secondary students learn these subjects. While enrolled in the science program, you will choose two areas of study from biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics.

Master Programs Offered

Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction (MSCI)
The Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction (MSCI) program facilitates professional growth while preparing graduate candidates for leadership in roles beyond the classroom. Expand your understanding of research and research-based practices and take graduate coursework directly into your classrooms and into leadership experiences to better connect theory to practice. MSCI graduate degree programs of study include K-12 Science Specialist, K-12 Technology Integrationist, K-12 Math Specialist, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, K-12 Library Media, and K-12 Special Education.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Reading
Master of Education in Reading is a 35-credit program that emphasizes professional practice in the field of reading and addresses all International Reading Association standards for reading specialists and literacy coaches. This completely online master’s program in reading meets South Dakota's standards to prepare reading specialists. As part of this program, you will be prepared to address the literacy needs of elementary, middle, and high school populations, as well as for leadership roles.

Master of Science in Secondary Education

This degree is designed to provide preparation for post baccalaureate secondary teacher certification in South Dakota. It is designed for individuals with bachelor’s degrees from accredited colleges or universities that can lead to secondary content teaching areas. This 35-credit degree program allows them to become fully certified and complete a master’s degree within one year. The master’s degree can be pursued through the online Project SECOND.

Secondary Degree Programs Offered

Art Education
The art education program at Black Hills State University will give you the knowledge, inspiration, and freedom to express your originality and creativity while learning how to inspire others. The course of study includes drawing, design, art history, and a number of specialty options, including ceramics and sculpture.

Biology Education
The BHSU biology program opens the door to scientific knowledge and teaches you how to inspire the next generation. With the biologically and geologically diverse environment of the Black Hills and the surrounding area, you have a laboratory setting right outside your classroom door.

Business Education
Earn a degree that will allow you to teach secondary business classes and develop your knowledge and interest in business. BHSU is a member of the National Association for Business Teacher Education (NABTE). Membership is open only to colleges and universities that offer business teacher education programs approved by their respective State Departments of Education for the certification of business teachers.

Chemistry Education
Students who earn a chemistry education degree from BHSU will have a comprehensive understanding of general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, instrumental chemistry and biochemistry while learning how to teach it as well.

English Education
As an English Education major, you will learn to think critically and write well. You will study great works of literature, ranging from ancient poetry to twenty-first century fiction, and you will learn to express your ideas in clear, precise language. Many BHSU English majors become highly-successful high school and middle school teachers.

History Education
The diverse coursework of the BHSU history education major explores the worlds of American, European, and regional history. Learn how to share your historical knowledge with the next generation.

Math Education
The Math Education Program offers a rigorous environment that enhances mathematical maturity, self-confidence, and an appreciation for lifelong learning through relevant studies and research. There is a 100% employment rate of Mathematics education majors.

Music Education
With strong vocal and piano programs and a growing emphasis on instrumental performance, the BHSU Music program provides the diversity a student wants but the individual attention a student needs. Music students will take such courses as music history, music theory, while taking private lessons. Music education majors take the extra course work to be able to teach in the K-12 environment.

Social Science Education
A Social Science Education degree from BHSU introduces you to the many aspects of the human experience, from history and political science to geography. Learn how to showcase these to future students.

Spanish Education
Through the study of Spanish literature and linguistics, the Spanish Education Program at BHSU places an emphasis on oral proficiency. While classroom activities give the students a good working knowledge of the language, a Study Abroad program greatly enriches their educational experience. Learn how to teach another language to students in the classroom.

Speech Education
A student majoring in Communications Education learns how humans communicate in every possible setting from small to groups or organizations, and for every possible reason, from debates to public speaking. Effective communication skills influence every aspect of life and can serve as the basis for careers in a variety of areas. Learn how to teach students how to communicate effectively.

Theater Education
Theatre students learn all about acting, directing, and production, preparing them for teaching theatre in high schools. Hands-on experience is the key, as the theatre program provides quality and diversified entertainment for the University and Black Hills Region.