Social Media Certificate

Communication among the masses has changed dramatically over the past decade. Many new forms of communication have now become a part of daily life because of advancing communication technologies. One of the most prominent changes has come with the birth of Web 2.0 technologies and social media in the early decade of the 21st Century. Research shows that social media now affects nearly every facet of people's personal and business lives.

A social media certificate program fills a need in the changing interdisciplinary communication landscape for people to be informed about how to facilitate and use social media in all its forms. The certificate is a cutting-edge, high-quality, interdisciplinary academic program offered through Black Hills State University.

Course Requirements:

  • MCOM 235 Social Media Survey
  • MCOM 430 Media Law

Take 2 of the following courses; no more than 1 may be a MCOM course:

  • BADM 344 Managerial Communications
  • BADM 370 Marketing
  • BADM 372 Advertising
  • BADM 407 International Business
  • MCOM 161 Graphic Communication
  • MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
  • MCOM 220 Introduction to Digital Media
  • MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study
  • MCOM 475 Public Relations
  • MCOM 485 Science Writing
  • OE 376 Interpretive Media

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