Study Graphic Communication at BHSU

Earn a Certificate in Graphic Design at BHSU

Get a certificate in Graphic Design

Are you looking to update your knowledge of graphic design or expand your current job skills with subject matter related to design, but do not wish to enter a degree program? BHSU offers a certificate in Graphic Design.

BHSU has a state of the art digital lab with industry standard macintosh computers loaded with the Adobe Suite. You will get experience with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

This certificate is great for high school teachers to expand their knowledge base or be brought up to date on new technology in the field of graphic design. It is also helpful to any education majors who hope to teach design in the public schools.

Course Requirements:

  • MCOM 161 - Graphic Communication
  • MCOM 257 - Intermediate Desktop Publish
  • MCOM 315 - Computer Production & Imaging
  • MCOM 357 - Advanced Desktop Publishing

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