BHSU English Faculty

Matthew BaumanSchool of Arts and HumanitiesLecturer, Creative Writing(605)642-1272
David CremeanSchool of Arts and HumanitiesProfessor, English(605)642-6713
Martin FashbaughSchool of Arts and HumanitiesChair, School of Arts & Humanities / Associate Professor, English(605)642-6726
Amy FuquaAcademic AffairsDean, College of Liberal Arts(605)642-6221
Courtney Huse-WikaSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAssociate Professor, English(605)642-6918
Brandyn JohnsonSchool of Arts and HumanitiesInstructor, English(605)642-6397
Vincent KingSchool of Arts and HumanitiesProfessor, English(605)642-6502
Karl LehmanSchool of Arts and HumanitiesInstructor, English(605)642-6759
Ronda MehrerSchool of Arts and HumanitiesInstructor, English(605)642-6066
Andrey ReznikovSchool of Arts and HumanitiesProfessor, English(605)642-6249
Nicholas WallersteinSchool of Arts and HumanitiesProfessor, English(605)642-6197

David Cremean (Ph.D. Bowling Green State University)
        ~Western Literature and Film
        ~Critical Theory
Amy Fuqua (Ph.D. University of South Carolina)
        ~Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Vincent King (Ph.D. University of South Carolina)
        ~American Literature
Andrey Reznikov (Ph.D. St. Petersburg University, Russia)
        ~English Grammar
        ~Teaching English as a Second Language
Nicholas Wallerstein (Ph.D. University of Oregon; M.T.S. Harvard)
        ~Early British Literature
        ~Modern British and American Poetry
        ~Biblical Languages and Literature
        ~History of the English Language

Associate Professors
Martin Fashbaugh (Ph.D. Purdue University)
        ~Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Courtney Huse-Wika (Ph.D. University of South Dakota)
        ~Director of the Honors Program
        ~Young Adult Literature
        ~Popular Culture
        ~Creative Writing

Matt Bauman (M.F.A. University of Idaho)
Karl Lehman (M.F.A. Pacific Lutheran University)
Ronda Mehrer (M.A. South Dakota State University)
Meredith Parker (M.A. Northern Arizona University)

Adjunct Instructors
Kathryn Baum-Fjelstad (M.A. South Dakota State University)
Lindsey Clouse (M.A. South Dakota State University)
Carol Duncan (M.A. University of Central Florida)
Jennifer Fischer (M.A. University of South Dakota)
Brandyn Johnson (M.F.A. Eastern Kentucky University)
Mary Beth Kwenda (M.A. Ohio University) 
Jessica Miles (M.A. Minnesota State University)
Angela Phillips (M.A. Western New Mexico University)
Alicia Sutliff-Benusis (Ph.D. University of Kansas)