Corporate Communication at BHSU


Start Your Career in Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communications major at BHSU combines Mass Communications and Business courses, providing students with the expertise and skill to work as communication specialists in the corporate world. Important classes include accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, desktop publishing, web publishing, and public relations.

With this degree, graduates can work in advertising, electronic media, communications management, public relations, and more.

The Corporate Communications Major at BHSU offers:

  • Unique combination of courses providing practical skills
  • Many opportunities for hands-on experience with the student-run newspaper, TV and radio stations, as well as numerous communications focused clubs
  • Regional internships that sharpen skills and create career networking opportunities
  • Dedicated faculty members with real-world experience

Corporate Communications Major Course Requirements

Required Core - 36 semester hours

  • 3 ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I
  • 3 BADM 101 Survey of Business  
  • 3 BADM 370 Marketing
  • 3 MCOM 161 Graphic Communication
  • 3 MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
  • 3 MCOM 235 Social Media Survey
  • 3 MCOM 331 Video Production
  • 3 MCOM 351 Web Design
  • 3 MCOM 430 Media Law
  • 3 MCOM 452 Mass Media Issues
  • 3 MCOM 475 Public Relations
  • 3 MCOM 494 Internship*

Required Electives - 9 semester hours
Take 3 courses from the following:

  • 3 BADM 336 Entrepreneurship I
  • 3 BADM 372 Advertising
  • 3 BADM 475 Consumer Behavior
  • 3 MCOM 257 Intermediate Desktop Publishing
  • 3 MCOM 265 Basic Photography
  • 3 MCOM 330 Writing For Digital Media
  • 3 MCOM 373 Public Relations Case Study
  • 3 MCOM 448 Interactive Multimedia Design
  • 3 SPCM 410 Organizational Communication

*The internship will serve as a capstone experience. Students will work within a business/communication setting and be mentored closely by a faculty advisor. The internship and related writing requirements will tie the corporate communication curriculum together and serve as a capstone experience.

Corporate Communication combines the techniques and skills in both corporate and mass communication areas to give you an advantage in your job search. 

Graduates from this program will be prepared to enter careers in public relations, marketing, corporate advertising, corporate communication, electronic media, broadcast management, writing production and management, event management, technical communication, and others.

The U.S. Department of Labor stated that an entry-level position within the advertising industry, which includes management, now requires combined knowledge from several areas. A major in corporate communications will give you that edge. The Department of Labor also found that the advertising and communication industry will grow an estimated 19% between 2006 and 2016 compared to 16% of all industries combined. 

Whether you are looking for a job in South Dakota or far away, at Black Hills State University you will have the education you need to get ahead and find a career as a Corporate Communication graduate.