Explore what Black Hills State University has to offer for Liberal Art Degrees.

Arts & Humanities

Major Programs Offered

Study Studio Art at BHSU and have the opportunity to work beside professional artists who play an essential role in your educational experience. Through the BHSU Art program you will learn everything you need to follow a career in art and art education.

Corporate Communications
The Corporate Communication program integrates both mass communication and business courses. Acquire expertise and skill to work as a communication specialist within a corporate setting. Through cross-disciplinary course work in business and mass communication, students will learn to understand, apply, analyze and articulate the complexities of communication within business, corporate and organizational settings.

Major in English at BHSU and through coursework and advisement, our faculty help you to develop your written and oral powers of thought and expression. Experience a comprehensive background in literature and literary criticism. Be prepared to pursue a number of different careers including graduate school, education, entrepreneurial endeavors, and publishing. Get your degree in BS in English, BS in Composite Communication / English, BA in English, BSED in English.

Graphic Design
Become equipped to meet the tremendous demand for math and science teachers with a composite teaching major in science and mathematics education. This major is designed to efficiently immerse students in both the mathematics and scientific disciplines while teaching innovative strategies to help secondary students learn these subjects.

Mass Communication
The Mass Communication program develops skills and prepares you for a career in the dynamic and fast growing fields of graphic design, photography, integrated media, and public relations. Gain practical experience by working with the campus TV station, radio station, the student run newspaper as well as through internships.

Major Programs Offered

Modern Languages
Experience the world through language. Knowing another language will both enrich your personal life and improve your career prospects. We offer courses in French, German, Lakota, Russian, and the major and minor in Spanish. Modern language courses can satisfy general education requirements.

The music program at BHSU offers three different majors of study: Music, Instrumental Music Education, and Vocal Music Education. Become prepared to be a music educator and performer. Learn from a diverse faculty who are committed to individual mentoring as they encourage each student to excel in all musical styles and to consider a variety of career applications.

The BFA in Photography at BHSU offers many opportunities to students interested in photojournalism, commercial photography, or fine art photography. The photography emphasis offers both basic and advanced black and white photography, color photography, digital imaging, photojournalism, and contemporary issues classes. For photography majors, other courses include basic and advanced photography studio lighting, the history of photography, and alternative silver and digital processes.

Speech Communication
A person who completes a Speech Communication major learns to speak across the whole breadth of speaking contexts: one-on-one, in a small group, in a public situation, in a conflict, in an organization, or through media of various kinds. What you learn in Speech Communication applies to all fields and disciplines.

The theatre program provides an environment where you can develop your intellectual and artistic skills. A full range of courses in the history and theory of drama are complemented by courses in theatrical production techniques. A laboratory for class work is provided by the theatre production program where faculty and students cooperate to create unified works of art.