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BHSU hosts record number of contestents for district history day

Two students from Harding County Middle School, Dalton McCann and Tate Gress, discuss their National History Day exhibit with judges, Anne Rogers, Jordan Stapp, a freshman social science major at BHSU (back to camera), and Larry Miller. National History Day is an academic-enrichment program that helps students learn about historical issues, ideas, people and events. The theme for 2007 was “Triumph and Tragedy in History.”

Black Hills State University hosted a record number of participants at the annual district competition for National History Day last week. There were 250 participants this year, up from 150 at last year’s event.

The theme for the competition this year was, “Triumph & Tragedy in History,” according to Dr. David Wolf, associate professor in the department of history and social science, who coordinated the event. Wolf was pleased with the student’s enthusiastic response to the competition, “It’s always exciting to see young people so involved in researching history.”           

Students presented 117 historical research projects in the form of displays, documentaries, performances and papers. Students were encouraged to select an individual, idea or event and demonstrate how and why their topic was a triumph and/or tragedy in history.

National History Day is an academic-enrichment program that helps students learn about historical issues, ideas, people and events. It is a highly regarded national academic challenge - more than 700,000 students participated nationwide.

The projects that placed first or second will advance to the state contest. State qualifiers will go to the national competition in Washington D.C. in June.

The winners of the Junior Division group exhibit, with 36 entries were: first place (many tied), “Apollo 11: A Triumph for Mankind” - Ckyler Floyd, Jess Feist, and Ryan Jacobi, Harding County; “The Pony Express” - Dani Kean and Callie Britton, Harding County; “Rapid City Flood of 1972” - Theresa Poloncic, Katy Freidel, Lauryn Weber, Anton Schabauer, and Corey Scherr, St Elizabeth Seton; “NASA Through the Years” - Kelsey Parfrey, and Randi Heggem, Harding County; “The Great Raid: ‘Last Man Out;’” - Austin Brown and Trey Wammen, Harding County; “The Tragedy and Triumph of the Day the Sun Rose Twice” - Savanna Sperle, and  Miranda Martian, Harding County; and “Legend of the Titanic” - Eva Turbiville and Caitlin Cordell, Harding County. The second place winners were (many tied), “Tragedy & Triumph of Coach Ken Carter: ‘Dribbling to Success” - Airen Giannonatti and Chek Giannonatti, Harding County; “Battle of the Bonin Islands” - Patrick Eckrich, Derek Bruhn and Chris Suto, St. Elizabeth Seton; “Lisa Leslie: A Triumph in Women’s Sports” - Katie Doll, Baelee Butts, and Laeken Stugelmeyer, Harding County; “The Little Engine That Did” - Ashley Holbrook, Sarah Habbe, and Theresa Kinyon, St Elizabeth Seton; “The Sinking of the Titanic” - Hillary Giourde and Emily Hurd, St Elizabeth Seton; and “Gardasil: The Vaccine that Saves Lives” - Billie Jenson and Jade Sarsland, Harding County.

The winners of the Junior Division individual exhibits were: first place (tie), “Wounded Knee: The Murder of Innocent People & Their Dreams” - Kyle Oberlander, New Underwood; and “Brown and the Board of Education” - Donald Borchert, St Elizabeth Seton. The second place winners also tied, “Wilma Rudolph” - Taylor Dauwen, South Middle School; and “Tragedy of the Holocaust” - Taylor Clark, Harding County.

In the Junior Division group performance the winners were: first place, “Anne Frank: The Triumph of Her Diary and the Tragedy of Her Death” - Cami Feist, Kirbi Braaten, and Miranda Miller, Harding County; and second place went to, “Blowin’ Through the Tragedies to Get to the Triumphs of the Dirty 30’s” - Karli Gress and Alexcia Giannonatti, Harding County.

The winners of the Junior Division individual performance were: first place, “Joe Louis: A Walk through History, the Triumphs and Tragedies” - Abbie Adams, Harding County; and second place was, “Martin Luther King, Jr ‘I Have A Dream” - Amy Powell, Harding County.

The winners of the Junior Division group documentary were: first place (tie), “Frank Lloyd Wright” - Elliot Kjerstad, Brian Goetzinger, Joseph Drew, and Taylor Casey, St Elizabeth Seton; “The Great Depression – The Founding of the NRA” - Jenn Boone and Chloe Savage, Spearfish Middle School; and “Lewis and Clark Expedition” - Tyler Richardson, Derek Determan, and Brandon Bassett, St Elizabeth Seton. The second place winners were: “The Holocaust” - Brianna Warnemunde, Kayla Deranleau, and Hannah Cimburek, St Elizabeth Seton; “The Titanic” - Abbie Marti and Haley Drabek, St Elizabeth Seton; and “Columbine High School Shooting” - Erika Wendell and Lauren Tadlock, South Middle School.

In the Junior Division individual documentary the winners were: first place, “The Holocaust” - Tayler Teigen, Harding County; and second place went to “The Rise and Fall of Crazy Horse” - Sterling G. Brown, Harding County.

In the Junior Division of historical papers, first place went to, "Los Angeles Riots: Lessons Learned” - Samuel Halvorson, St. Elizabeth Seton; and awarded second place was, "Pat Tillman (1976-2004)" - Hali Henwood, Spearfish Middle School.

The Senior Division of historical papers winners were: first place, “Spartacus" - Andrew Johnson, Spearfish High School; and second place, “Battle of Thermopylae” - Jason Hawkins, Newell High School.

The winners of the Senior Division group exhibit were: first place, “Behind Barbed Wire: The Japanese-American Incarceration” - Megan Byram and Katie Strand, St. Thomas More High School; and tied for second place was, “Battle of the Bulge” - Mitchell Bradley, David Gannaway, and Carson Wika, Spearfish High School; and “Civil Rights Movement” - Katherine Oldenkamp, Kelsey Bosworth, and Bridget Decker, Spearfish High School.

In the Senior Division individual exhibits there was no first place, only a tie for second: “Gettysburg” - Bethany Weber, Spearfish High School; and “Swagmen: Aussie Survivors of the Great Depression” - Elizabeth Monckton, Newell High School.

In the Senior Division group documentaries first place tied, “Persecution of the Jews” - Janna Luehmann, Melissa Guhr, and Sophie Luebcke, Spearfish High School; and “Vincent Van Gogh” - Erika Carlson and Aeriell Follette, Spearfish High School. Second place also tied with, "Anne Frank" - Dustin Wisner, Clint Masters, and Kassidy Marta, Spearfish High School; and “Dachau” - Trista Ludens, Kyle Ringwood, and Tessa Keifert, Spearfish High School.

In the Senior Division individual documentaries category first place went to, “The 60s Counterculture” - Melody Brenneisen, Spearfish High School; and taking second was, “William Wiberforce” - Jessica Carney, Newell High School.

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