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Reznikov publishes book about modern Russian anti-proverbs

Dr. Andrey Reznikov, associate professor of English at Black Hills State University, recently published his book entitled, “Old Wine in New Bottles.”

Dr. Andrey Reznikov, associate professor of English at Black Hills State University, recently published a book entitled, “Old Wine in New Bottles.”

This book offers a detailed analysis of modern Russian anti-proverbs – deliberate and innovative variations of traditional proverbs and sayings based on a corpus of 6,000 examples.

The study deals with various aspects of these texts, among them the form of anti-proverbs, their meaning, their new wisdom, their relationships with the traditional proverbs, and, last but not least, their chances for survival in the Russian language and culture. Since the approach of this investigation is primarily linguistic, much attention is also paid to phonetic, morphological, lexical, syntactic and stylistic characteristics of the anti-proverbs.

The many examples are presented in their original Russian with English translations, making this investigation accessible not only to native speakers but also to an international readership. The book concludes with thoughts on the status of these new texts and their importance as new bits of wisdom in the communicative processes in modern Russia.

Reznikov joined the BHSU staff in 2004.  He has a bachelor’s and a master’s in English language and literature, and a doctorate in foreign language and literatures from St. Petersburg University in Russia. He is the author of more than 40 publications in the areas of sociolinguistics and functional grammar, among them the book George Orwell’s Theory of Language, he also edited A Grammar of the English Language (1997) for college students.

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