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How to Rock the BHSU Career/Teacher Fairs

Tips and Tricks from the BHSU Retention and Recruitment Specialists

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How can you make the best of the BHSU Career and Teacher Fairs? Our Retention and Recruitment Specialists are here to help with 9 of the best recommendations to keep in mind before attending. 

Dress to impress and stand out from the crowd
One of the biggest mistakes we see from young job-seekers is not wearing appropriate attire. Stand out from the rest of the crowd by being fully prepared and ready to start your dream job. We know you probably have class before or after the career fair, but don’t show up in sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

Treat it like a real interview
It’s not uncommon for a meeting at the fair to turn into a job offer by the end of the day. Your first impression could have an amazing outcome.  
Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, but also come prepared with a few questions that you can ask each employer so know that you’re actually interested in them, not just the free candy sitting on their table. Tailor your message for each opportunity and learn about their company and environment. What would a day in the life look like? How do you measure success in the company? What is challenging about this position? What would make me a good fit for this job?

Don’t get overwhelmed
You may be overwhelmed initially, but don’t worry! All of these administrators and employers are here to meet the students of Black Hills State University. They came to talk to you! 

Know your elevator pitch
What makes you unique? How do you define yourself to your potential boss in a few sentences? Know your value, and be able to share it with others easily. An elevator pitch provides an easy way for you to describe what you’re looking for, leads to stronger, more meaningful connections, and shows that you are distinctive.

Don’t discredit yourself
You don’t have to go into every situation knowing everything. This is an opportunity for businesses to learn about you, and for you to learn about them. These employers want you because of where you are in the process, and they’re willing to help you learn to apply your education outside of the classroom. 

Start early - attend the Career/Teacher Fairs, even if you’re a freshman
The search for a job isn’t always easy and you will need to put in time and effort to hone your job search skills. The more practice you put in, the more comfortable you’ll feel talking to employers when you’re looking for a post-graduation opportunity.
It is never too early to start networking! It’s likely that some of these employers will return in future years, so use this opportunity to make a lasting impression and create a bond. Additionally, take this opportunity to ask the employers what they look for in applicants! This way, you can develop and refine these skills and traits throughout your college career.

Talk to as many people as possible
You should come prepared to talk to every single employer even if it’s out of your major field. So many companies these days really value employees with diverse backgrounds. Employees are often asked to perform duties that cover a wide array of skills and fields of knowledge. Having the chance to talk to every employer will help you get a better idea of the types of jobs and internships that exist – and you might just discover a perfect opportunity for yourself that you never would have known about.
Come prepared
There are multiple resources on campus that can help you with your career fair prep! Join the R&Rs for resume refining and review at ResuMania Wednesday, Feb. 13 in Meier 206 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. (sign up for a time here), or stop into the Writing Center in the library for feedback.
Always have someone else read over your resume before you hit print, and be sure to bring enough resumes to go around. Business cards, too, if you have them!

Make use of all your resources
Fairs aren’t your only opportunity to find a summer job, resume-rocking internship, or career opportunity. Students can also search for employment opportunities through the BHSU online program, Jacket Job Link, where a full educational profile can be used to search jobs, apply, and even contact employers through a protected database. Along with this online database, multiple bulletin boards around campus allow for members of the community to advertise various job postings for students.
We can’t wait to see everyone at the Career Fair Tuesday, Feb. 26 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. in the Student Union Jacket Legacy Room, or the Teacher Fair Wednesday, Feb. 27 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Young Center Field House!
About the Retention and Recruitment Specialists:
R&R stands for Retention and Recruitment Specialist. Each College at Black Hills State University has an R&R, and they are your go-to for questions about classes to take and tips on how to succeed in college. The R&Rs are here to help you. Contact them to check if you’re on track to graduate, have questions about careers or majors, or need help with class registration.
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