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International Games Week

International Games Week

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This year, the E.Y. Berry Library-Learning Center postponed our celebration of International Games Week to join in on International Education Week! Come join us in the Library on Wednesday, November 20 for a day of community and gaming. If you can't make it to Game Day, you can still check out one of the many International Ed Week events being hosted by BHSU International all week long!

All Day (Nov. 20)
  1. Play games and solve puzzles for raffle entries
  2. Try to solve a puzzle-maze in Minecraft using our virtual reality system (8 AM - 7 PM)
  3. 7 PM - 3rd Annual Smash Bros Tournament hosted by BHSU Buzz Arcade

All Week (Nov. 17-23)
  1. Connect to the BHSU Minecraft Server and solve the maze (Server:
  2. Get entries for a $50 gift card to Lookout Games for every unique game title you check out from the Library