«February 2019»
  • Jacket Career & Part-time Job Fair

    Jacket Career & Part-time Job Fair

    Location: Jacket Legacy Room
    Time: 9 am - noon
    The 2019 Jacket Career & Part-time Job Fair will take place in the Jacket Legacy Room on Tuesday, February 26th, from 9am - noon. 

    BHSU will host employers looking for full-time employees as well as summer, seasonal employees, part-time employees, organizations offering internships, and grad schools. 

    Employer Registration Fee: $120 
    BHSU Alumni fee: $100 (graduation year & major required) 
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  • Geek Speak

    Geek Speak

    Location: Jonas 110
    Time: 4 pm
    Max Marc: “Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans: Thought Experiments on the End-Game”
    Rudimentary artificial intelligence is here. That voice assistant in your phone is a type of rudimentary AI. Parole officers use a type of rudimentary AI to decide on whether to grant parole to the incarcerated. Many such examples abound. Various thought experiments have been offered for how the interaction between artificial intelligence and humans will play out. End-game scenarios range from a golden-age paradise scenario for humans, to an age where humans are inevitably disenfranchised by a higher intelligence. This talk will describe some of these thought experiments.
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  • Past, Present, Future Reception

    Past, Present, Future Reception

    Location: Ruddell Gallery
    Time: 5 pm - 7 pm
    This is a reception for the annual photography exhibition titled Past, Present, Future. The exhibition features photographs from the BHSU photography programs extensive permanent collection. These selections exemplify current and past students work, while representing a continually evolving student body moving with the ever-changing world of digital photography and practices within the photographic medium.
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